Radiological and Nuclear Material Management

Sandia's Contributions to Radiological and Nuclear Material Management

  • International Nuclear Security Engineering

  • International Nuclear Safeguards

  • Material Transportation Safety

  • Information Assurance

    3SC (Safeguards, Security, Safety and Cyber)

Sandia provides world-class scientific, engineering, and cyber solutions that foster safer, more secure nuclear and radiological capabilities.

International Nuclear Security Engineering

Sandia conducts the IAEA/NNSA- sponsored International Training Course on Physical Protection of Nuclear Material and Nuclear Facilities, which teaches security professionals from around the world best practices in the design of the physical protection systems from nuclear material and nuclear facilities. Sandia's Integrated Security Facility (ISF) is a unique site with state-of-art nuclear security systems available for the development of next-generation technologies and for training security professionals and engineers. It is a systems-level, hands-on demonstration, training, and evaluation facility for physical security, nuclear materials management, and nuclear safety.

International Nuclear Safeguards

Sandia engages with partners and sponsors to ensure comprehensive solutions for complex nuclear safeguards applications. Sandia performs exploratory research, engineering design and development, systems engineering, simulation and modeling, test and evaluation, implementation, assessments, training and outreach, and program coordination and management.

Material Transportation Safety

Sandia’s hazardous and radioactive transportation packaging analyses help industrial designers understand and comply with national standards, while providing essential scientific support to create and refine those standards as industry and environmental needs evolve with time.

Information Assurance – Cyber for 3SC

Sandia is moving towards providing a more centralized approach to support the necessary nuclear energy safeguards, safety, security, and cyber dimension (3SC) technology, expertise, and capabilities needed to effectively address national security challenges associated with global nuclear expansion.