Security Police Association Lost Wages Tracker

The table below shows the financial impact if the SPA votes to strike and members choose not to report to work.

How much pay* will you lose over time?

Tier Job Rate One Day One Week (48 hours)
One Month (31 days)
One Year
Security Officer $20.69 $248.32 $993.26 $3,828.21 $45,193.51
Security Officer I $25.24 $302.93 $1,211.71 $4,670.14 $55,132.90
SCC Operator $27.83 $333.90 $1,335.61 $5,147.67 $60,770.35
SCC Operator (A) $25.24 $302.93 $1,211.71 $4,670.14 $55,132.90

*All calculations are based on the following assumptions:

  • Calculations do not include the value of lost benefits, nor do they include overtime lost.
  • Calculations are based on a work week consisting of nine-hour workdays Monday-Thursday and a four-hour workday on Friday. <Is this how SPOs are scheduled?>
  • Calculations are based on the job rate for each applicable level. Individual losses may differ.