Tina M. Nenoff

Tina M. Nenoff

Senior Scientist

Material, Physical, and Chemical Sciences

Tina Nenoff is a senior scientist in the Material, Chemical and Physical Sciences Division at Sandia National Laboratories located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Recruited from the University of California, Santa Barbara, her career has focused on the materials chemistry of nanoporous materials, their chemistry and reactivity at the nanoscale for bulk scale energy and environmental applications. Her research at Sandia spans basic to applied to commercialization (TRL 1-9). Her collaborations are with fellow Sandia scientists and engineers, universities, and industry.


Research spans the basic to applied research areas of materials synthesis, characterization and testing. Particular focus is given to understanding the chemistry that occurs in nanoporous frameworks, and how that chemistry relates to bulk scale performance. Areas of research interest include:

  • the synthesis and characterization of novel inorganic molecular sieves, zeolites, MOFs and ceramics for the sequestration and storage of radioactive cations and volatile gases (Hanford; Fukushima);
  • the synthesis/testing of catalysts, specific focus on understanding of deactivation;
  • the energy and cost efficient catalytic reactive separations of industrial feedstock chemicals;
  • the synthesis, characterization and sintering of alloy nanoparticles by room temperature radiolysis

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