Jessica K. Kustas

Tina M. Nenoff

Senior Member of the Technical Staff

Analytical Chemistry

Dr. Jessica Kustas is an analytical chemist at Sandia National Laboratories located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Recruited from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Champaign Illinois, her career has been focused heavily on mass spectrometry analysis of materials and the role of chemistry in material functionality. As part of the Analytical Research Laboratory at Sandia, her research centers on molecular and elemental material characterization, including surface and outgassing analysis, to support all of Sandia’s mission-space.


Research spans the basic to applied research areas of material synthesis, characterization and testing. Particular focus is given to understanding the role chemistry and morphology have on material properties and how to control those properties.

Areas of research interest include:

  1. Molecular and elemental analysis by mass spectrometry
  2. Material surface-property relationships, both natural and synthesized materials with unique functionality, such as superhydrophobicity, anti-corrosion, self-cleaning, etc.
  3. Peptide and polymer synthesis, characterization, and property analysis