Computing and Information Science

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Our approach

Vertically integrated, scalable supercomputing


Increase capability while reducing the space and power requirements of future computing systems by changing the nature of computing devices, computer architecture, software, and algorithms.


  • Address fundamental computing challenges — from device physics to extreme-scale architectures and programming environments — to change both the nature of devices and the impacts of these devices on computer architecture, software, and algorithms
  • Explore low-power computer architecture; resilient hardware and software; and runtime support, programming models, and algorithms for hybrid, multicore machines

Enabling technology for computational engineering


Advance the underlying math and computer science necessary for the routine use of predictive simulation, design optimization, and margin and uncertainty quantifications.


Address rigorous predictive modeling by investigating novel numerical methods, parallel algorithms and tool kits, uncertainty quantification, and design optimization. Learn more about how this is being applied on our Advanced Simulation and Computing website.

Foundations of cyber security


Shore up our nation's cyber defenses and support good decision making by cyber defenders by providing a more fundamental understanding of the cyber environment.


Research and develop graph algorithms, data analysis tools, human factors methods, and streaming algorithms. Learn more at Sandia's Cybersecurity website.


The Computing and Information Science Research Foundation is advancing the state of the art in mathematics and computing to enhance Sandia’s ability to fulfill our national security missions. Visit our computing research website for more information.

Why our work matters

Computing is essential to all branches of science and engineering and is pervasive across Sandia. We anticipate and create the advances in computing and information sciences to accelerate their development and adoption in support of Sandia's missions. We develop future computing technologies, new mathematics and algorithms, and sophisticated applications.

Our unique value

  • Competencies in multidisciplinary fields including device physics, computer architecture, mathematics, computer science, and informatics
  • World-class modeling, simulation, and data analysis capabilities
  • A long history of first-of-a-kind computers and world-leading computational capability