Sandia Hyperspectral Upper-Bound Spectrum (Sandia Hyper-UBS) v 1.0

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Sandia Hyper-UBS is designed to remove cosmic ray spikes from hyperspectral data sets. This software was based upon the UBS-DM algorithm by D.M. Zhang and D. Ben-Amotz.1 The UBS-DM-HS algorithm is designed to be more robust and is better at removing cosmic ray spikes which impact multiple pixels. See the associated journal article2 for more details. Sandia Hyper-UBS also provides implementations of the other algorithms tested in the journal article.

  1. Zhang, D. M. and D. Ben-Amotz, "Removal of cosmic spikes from hyper-spectral images using a hybrid upper-bound spectrum method" Applied Spectroscopy 2002, 56(1): 91-98.
  2. Anthony, S.M. and Timlin, J.A., “Removing Cosmic Spikes Using a Hyperspectral Upper-Bound Spectrum Method” Applied Spectroscopy 2017, 71(3): 507-519.

License Info

Copyright 2016 National Technology & Engineering Solutions of Sandia, LLC (NTESS). Under the terms of Contract DE-NA0003525 with NTESS, the U.S. Government retains certain rights in this software.

Sandia SPT is free software released under the BSD license. The full text of the license is included in the download or the terms of the license can be seen on the Open Source Initiative website.