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Ion Beam Lab Construction

Moving of the 6MV HVE EN Tandem
accelerator into the Tandem vault

Design and construction of the 6MV HVE EN
Tandem accelerator hall

Moving the 6 MV HVE EN Tandem from the old
building to the Ion Beam Laboratory

In-situ Ion Irradiation TEM Facility

Solidification of bovine serum albumin in
aqueous solution, observed during in-situ
TEM microfluidic flow

In situ Ni ion irradiation at RT diffraction pattern

3-D tomographic reconstruction of Au
nanoparticles irradiated with 3 MeV Cu3+

Copper Indent Test

Pmc Yinspot2j

In-situ compression of another Al2O3
(sapphire) nanoparticle. The particle primarily deforms
elastically prior to rapidly plastic deformation

Slow Rad Cropped

Dilute acetic acid over nc-PLD Fe

Run05 Processed Togetherc

Self-Irradiation of Gold

In-situ nanoindentation of pulse-laser
deposited nanocrystalline copper

In-situ fatigue of nanocrystalline copper

Filament formation during 2.8 MeV single ion
event in a 20 nm Au nanoparticle

Electron beam induced microstructural evolution
of a lanthanide structure in an aqueous
lanthanum chloride solution

SolidWorks representation of the in-situ
ion irradiation TEM beamline construction process

Tomographic reconstruction of nanoporous
palladium nanoparticles

Destruction of a protocell (drug delivery device)
in a microfluidic TEM liquid cell

In-situ self-ion irradiation using 3 MeV Cu

3.6 MeV Au ions. Speed is 12x real time

Nanoparticle formation observed during
an in-situ microfluidic study

In-situ irradiation of an Au sample with
3.6 MeV Au ions. Speed is 12x real ti

Installation and construction of Sandia National
Laboratories’ In-situ ion irradiation TEM