Radiation Detection Materials Characterization Laboratory

This facility provides assistance to users from federal laboratories, U.S. industry and academia in the following areas: (1) testing and characterizing radiation detector materials and devices; and (2) determining the relationships between the physical properties of the detector materials and the device response. Systems of interest include scintillators and room-temperature semiconductors for detection arrays of x-rays, gamma rays and neutrons.

User Support

The facility's special capabilities include:

  • low-noise environment to test solid-state detectors for x-ray, gamma-ray, and neutron response
  • mass spectrometry to quantify contaminants in detectors and detector-grade materials
  • photoluminescence and thermally-stimulated current to measure carrier traps
  • current-voltage, capacitance-voltage, and photoconductivity equipment to measure electrical properties of materials and devices
  • Ion microprobe and mass spectrometry to quantify material transport properties and homogeneity

The facility also offers a professional and technical staff skilled in electronics, characterization of deep-level traps and carrier recombination centers, device fabrication, and detector testing.