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Keynote Speaker
photo William P. Parks Jr.
Deputy Assistant Secretary, Power Technologies
U.S. Department of Energy
Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability

The Office of Distributed Energy and Electric Reliability Program includes initiatives to improve operation of the nation's transmission network. Developing advanced technologies to strengthen our nation's electric energy infrastructure is the mission of the Distributed Energy and Electric Reliability (DEER) Program. [more...]
Tuesday Speakers
photo Cary Bloyd
APEC's Role with REGIS Workshop

Decision and Information Sciences Division
Argonne National Laboratory

Dr. Cary Bloyd is an Energy & Environmental Policy Scientist with the Decision and Information Sciences Division of Argonne National Laboratory. He has managed and participated in a wide range of projects associated with the development and implementation of energy and environmental technologies for the US Department of Energy. [more...]
photo Kenneth Johnson
NEDO and its connection to the APEC EGNRET

Deputy Director, International Projects Management Division
New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)

Ken Johnson is a Deputy Director at the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), Japanís largest public research and development management organization. For the past 4-Ĺ years, he has served in the International Projects Management Division, which undertakes projects and research with counterpart government organizations to introduce and disseminate advanced new energy, energy conservation and environmental technologies to developing countries in the Asia-Pacific region. [more...]
photo Dan Ton
Mission Statement & Workshop Overview

Solar Energy Technologies Program

Dan Ton is the Team Lead for the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Integration activity in the DOE Solar Energy Technologies Program. In this capacity, Dan is responsible for leading the Solar Program's Grid Integration Systems Integration efforts, aiming toward developing advanced technologies and practices to achieve high penetration of both photovoltaic (PV) systems and concentrating solar power into the nation's electric grid. [more...]
Tuesday Topic: Grid Integration & Solar Energy
photo Ward Bower
Solar Technologies Department
Sandia National Laboratories

Ward has been with Sandia National Laboratories for 45 years and has participated in PV inverter, controller and balance-of-system development work since 1978. He has led inverter, controller and other balance-of-systems development/evaluations, system development, and evaluation protocol development. He currently is technical lead of the Solar Energy Grid Integration Systems (SEGIS) Program with twelve contractors selected for Stage 1 of the 3-stage program. [more...]
photo Terry Surles
Technology Integration and Policy Analysis
Hawaii Natural Energy Institute

Dr. Surles is currently on the staff of the Hawaii Natural Energy Institute were he is the program lead for technology integration and policy analysis. He previously has held a number of leadership positions in the broad area of energy and environmental systems analysis, research, and development during his 30+ year career. [more...]
photo David Natusch
Resource Development Ltd
APEC Energy Business Network

Dr. Natusch, Managing Director of Resource Development Ltd, is an authority on the production and utilisation of alternative fuels. He has 30 years consulting experience for commercial companies and agencies such as the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, UNDP, USDOE, USEPA and has worked throughout Australasia, S.E. Asia, Latin America, North America and Europe. [more...]
photo Abe Ellis
Solar Technologies Department
Sandia National Laboratories

Dr. Ellis recently joined Sandia's Solar Systems Department, where he serves as technical lead for PV systems integration activities. Previously, Abraham worked at Public Service Company of New Mexico for seven years, where he was manager of transmission planning. In that capacity, Abraham had responsibility for interconnection studies for large generators. [more...]
photo Hirofumi Nakama
New Energy Technology Development
New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)

Hirofumi Nakama was born in Okinawa, Japan. He received his Master's Degree in Information Engineering from the University of Ryukyu Graduate School in 1999. He subsequently joined the Okinawa Electric Company. In March 2008, he was dispatched to NEDO, where he serves as a Project Coordinator for the New Energy Technology Development Department.
photo Leo Casey
Vice President and the Chief Technology Officer
SatCon Technology Corporation

Dr. Leo Casey is a Vice President and the Chief Technology Officer of SatCon Technology Corporation. Satcon is a Power Electronics and Power Systems Company focusing on Utility Scale grid-connected renewables, particularly PhotoVoltaics. Dr. Casey's interests include Utility Grid reliability enhancement, conventional and alternative sources of primary energy, energy conversion, associated energy storage mechanisms and Grid interconnection techniques. [more...]
photo Robert Reedy
Director, Solar Energy Division
Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC)

Bob Reedy is Director of the Solar Energy Division at FSEC. Mr. Reedy has been with FSEC since early 2007. Prior to joining FSEC, he spent four years with the Georgia Transmission Corp. as Research Manager and as Manager of Transmission Line Design. He has also served as VP and Chief Operating Officer of the North American subsidiary of Turbec AB, a Swedish manufacturer of microturbine combined heat and power systems. [more...]
photo Robert Johnson
Power plant design, performance monitoring and control systems
SunPower Corporation

Robert Johnson is an Electrical Engineer with SunPower Corporation focusing on power plant design, performance monitoring and control systems. He has designed and completed 15+ MW of PV systems and is working on the next generation of SunPower's commercial and utility scale SCADA systems. [more...]
Tuesday Topic: Energy Storage & Renewable Energy
photo Satoshi Morozumi
New Energy Technology Development
New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)

Satoshi Morozumi was born in Sapporo, Japan on Feb. 26, 1958. He graduated doctor course of the Hokkaido University He was employed by Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc, in 1986, and was charge with several project related to power system, energy conservation and renewable energy. From 2006, he proceeds to NEDO and take office as a director for grid-connected power technology, in new energy development department.
photo Abbas Akhil
Energy Infrastructure & DER
Sandia National Laboratories

Akhil has been involved in Distributed Generation for the last eight years and co-authored the CERTS Microgrid Concept paper. He is currently working to implement the US DOE/State of Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative for Kauai and Lanai islands. His prior work was in the Energy Storage Program where he performed some of the early utility-specific system studies that eventually lead to battery energy storage projects in Fairbanks and Metlakatla, AK.
photo Daniel Borneo
Distributed Energy/Electrical Energy Storage Program
Sandia National Laboratories

Mr. Borneo, Senior Electrical Engineer at Sandia National Laboratories, has been involved in the Electrical Industry for 30 years. He works in the Distributed Energy/Electrical Energy Storage Program at the labs and works with Industry in bringing innovative electrical energy storage technologies to commercialization. His prior work was in building and maintaining electrical infrastructure in the Semiconductor industry. He holds a BSEE and MSEE from the University of New Mexico.
Wednesday Topic: Modeling & Simulation
photo Kosuke Kurokawa
PV System Technologies
Tokyo Institute of Technology

Professor Kosuke Kurokawa joined Electrotechnical Laboratory under Ministry of International Trade and Industry in 1965 and had been engaged in research on HVDC transmission for 10 years and solar energy technologies thereafter for 35 years. He had been the Professor with Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology since 1996 till 2008 and is now with Tokyo Institute of Technology. [more...]
photo Ben Kroposki
Distributed Energy Systems Integration Group
National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Dr. Kroposki's expertise is in the design and testing of renewable and distributed power systems. He has participated in the development of distributed power standards and codes including IEEE, IEC, and NEC for over 15 years. [more...]
Wednesday Topic: Facilitated Discussion on Renewable Energy Grids Over Time
photo Takashi Kawabata
New and Renewable Energy Division
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)

Takashi Kawabata was born in Tokyo, Japan. He received his bachelor's degree in chemistry from the Tokyo University of Science in 1996. He subsequently joined the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (now known as the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)). His primary responsibilities have been related to energy and the environment, including electric utility regulations, clean coal technology, and F-gas emissions. In May 2008, he joined METI's New and Renewable Energy Division, where he is in charge of international activities related to renewable energy.
photo Juan Torres
Energy Systems Analysis Department
Sandia National Laboratories

Mr. Torres is manager of the Energy Systems Analysis Department at Sandia National Laboratories. Research in his department includes novel techniques for improving management and control of transmission and distribution power grids, energy surety microgrids, and grid integration of renewable energy resources. [more...]

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