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Can I trust a manufacturer's claim of accuracy on a new instrument?

No. A large fraction of new instrumentation is out of tolerance with respect to manufacturer's documented specifications.

How long will the calibration take?

To check the status of an asset already submitted for calibration, please contact the PSL Helpline by email or call (505) 845-8855.

Can I authorize priority requests in order to obtain a faster turnaround time?

Yes. You can request critical or high-priority turnaround by contacting the PSL Helpline by email or calling (505) 845-8855. If you accept the expedited turnaround time, you will be charged for priority service.

How much will my calibration cost?

The cost for each calibration varies with the number of hours that a specific calibration requires. The cost is calculated by multiplying the number of hours by an hourly rate. Please contact the PSL Helpline by email or call (505) 845-8855 for an estimate.

How do I submit an item for calibration?

Follow the instructions on the Strategic Partnership Projects (SPP) (formerly Work for Others) page. In a nutshell, initiating a new SPP involves submitting a form to the PSL, approving a cost estimate, and sending the asset to the PSL.

Is there a way to avoid removing an instrument that is coming due for calibration from a measuring or test system?

Yes, there are several techniques that are potentially available that can maintain the calibration status of an instrument without removing it and sending it to the calibration lab. One technique is the use of check standards. Contact the Primary Calibration Lab for more details.

How do I check the status of my calibration?

Email the PSL Helpline or call (505) 845-8855.

Where can I get a copy of the certificate for my equipment?

A copy of the certificate accompanies the asset when it is returned.

Is there a process for providing feedback to the PSL?

Yes, there is. You may contact the PSL Helpline by email or call (505) 845-8855.

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