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Alliance Strategic Team (AST)

The PSAAP-II program is managed at an upper level by the AST. This team is charged with the overall success of the program, including decisions about the global structure of the program, execution, monitoring and adjusting as the program proceeds. The team is composed of program administrators representing the ASC program and representatives from each of the three DOE weapon labs. This team typically meets weekly to ensure continued smooth execution of the program. The members are:

Tri-Lab Sponsor Team (TST)

Each PSAAP II Center has its own TST (“Tri-Lab Sponsor Team”), which is a group of people from the NNSA Laboratories who serve as the principal liaisons between the Center and the Laboratories. For each Center, its TST is composed of researchers with expertise in the topics under investigation and development at the Center. Each NNSA Laboratory (LLNL, LANL, and SNL) provides two members to each TST, so each TST has six members in all, with a chairperson assigned.