Step 1: Accept Your Offer

Congratulations on your job offer! We look forward to welcoming you to a rewarding career at Sandia soon. To accept your offer, please follow the steps below.

1. Review your job offer letter, discuss any questions, and establish a desired start date with your hiring manager.

Refer to the New Hire Sign-in 2019 Schedule (PDF, 51KB) for a list of possible start dates.

(NOTE: If you are transitioning from a Sandia temporary position to a Sandia regular position, the effective date will be on a Friday; the specific date will be provided to you by your staffing representative.)

2. Review the employee handbook.

Download Sandia's Employee Handbook (PDF, 9.6 MB).

3. Complete, sign, and submit the following forms to your HR staffing representative:

Forms are to be completed and submitted electronically through the RMFT tool. You must sign all required pages (by hand or electronically). If you use an electronic signature, it must be printable and reproducible.

As a national laboratory funded by a U.S. government agency, we are subject to federal laws regarding illegal drug use. Marijuana use, including for medicinal purposes, is a violation of federal law, even in places where it does not violate state law. Illegal use of a controlled substance within the last 12 months will automatically disqualify candidates from consideration for employment or for a Department of Energy security clearance.

4. Defense Biometric Identification System (DBIDS) for Kirtland Air Force Base (KAFB) access:

DBIDS is used at KAFB entry points to confirm authorization for base access. Your manager, or an assigned delegate from their organization, will contact you regarding completion of the DBIDS form. It is important that you complete and return the required DBIDS form to your manager, or the assigned delegate, immediately upon request.

Note: Non-U.S. citizens do not need to complete the KAFB DBIDS Long-term Request Form as this will be completed through a separate process.

5. Take initial steps for a DOE security clearance investigation, if requested.

Sandia's Personnel Security Clearance Office will ask you to complete the steps below if notified by your new manager that you will need a Department of Energy (DOE) security clearance. If you receive an emailed request, please take these steps as soon as possible to avoid any delays in your clearance investigation:

  • Complete a drug test (see Step 6 below for more details).
  • Submit electronic fingerprints, following the instructions you receive.
  • Complete and submit the SF86 Questionnaire for National Security Positions electronically, once you receive a link to this form from the Personnel Security Clearance Office. Refer to this guide (PDF, 97 kB) for completing SF86.

6. Schedule a drug screening analysis as soon as possible.

7. Learn about relocation benefits.

If desired, contact TRC Global Mobility at (800) 783-5337 regarding relocation benefits. At your request, TRC will provide a pre-decision consultation to discuss any applicable relocation benefits. If you accept the job offer and you are eligible for travel reimbursement, TRC will contact you to begin setting up the relocation process within five days of Sandia’s receipt of your Employment Acceptance form and other required forms.