If Sandia has notified you that you are being considered for student employment, please complete the required steps below within 10 business days. An official offer of employment cannot be processed until all required documentation has been received and verification of eligibility has been completed. To avoid delays, please scan or email any requested materials as soon as possible. Delays in submitting the required materials will slow the hiring process. The hiring process may even be cancelled if a response is not received. Please note that the time period for a normal hiring process can range from 4 to 6 weeks.

1. Submit the following forms to Student Intern Programs:

  • Sandia Counterintelligence Questionnaire form (PDF, 240 kB) - Complete and return both pages as soon as possible. If you answer YES to any question on page 1, please provide as much detail as possible to avoid any delays in the employment process. An additional page may be attached to your completed questionnaire if necessary. Note: As a national laboratory, an offer of employment will not be extended without prior receipt and internal review of this form.
  • Unofficial transcripts
    • If your transcript does not reflect your current in-progress coursework, email a class schedule reflecting the number of units you are currently taking.
    • If you are applying for a summer internship position and have not yet registered for the spring term immediately preceding the internship, please follow up with a class schedule once you are registered.
  • COI Applicant Questionnaire (PDF, 76 KB) — This form is required only if you have been employed by the military or the federal government in the past. Otherwise, do not complete this form.
  • Student Intern Relocation Benefit Request, if applicable (PDF, 198 KB) — You may be eligible to receive relocation benefits from Sandia if your academic/school address and permanent address are both located greater than 50 miles from the Sandia work site location. If you would like to apply for relocation benefits, please complete, sign, and return this form.

Return forms to Student Intern Programs by using one of the methods below:

By scanning and e-mail

By Mail
Attn: Student Intern Programs
Sandia National Laboratories
P.O. Box 969 MS: 9260
Livermore, CA 94551-0969

Please be sure to save and submit all forms as separate attachments in your email.

2. Request official transcripts.

High School, undergraduate and graduate students must request and send official transcripts from their current schools verifying full-time student status. Official transcripts from any previously attended colleges where a degree(s) was awarded must also be sent. 

If you are applying for a summer internship position, a transcript verifying completion of the fall term prior to the internship will be required for compensation purposes. If the fall term is still in progress, wait to submit official transcripts until grades are posted, otherwise you will be asked to resubmit an official transcript reflecting completion of the fall term.

Official electronic transcripts can be sent directly from the school(s) by email or in sealed envelopes.

Please send official transcripts by using one of the methods below:

Directly from school electronically to

By Mail
Attn: Student Intern Programs
Sandia National Laboratories
P.O. Box 969  MS: 9260
Livermore, CA  94551-0969