Physical, Chemical, and Nano Sciences Center

Radiation, Quantum & Plasma Sciences

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The Radiation, Quantum & Plasma Sciences Group provides revolutionary technology solutions by applying leading edge science to nuclear weapons, national security and defense applications. Through strong collaborations with organizations across Sandia and the US government, we solve some of the most pressing problems in material science, radiation response of materials, quantum physics, nuclear nonproliferation, laser applications and development, and plasma sciences.  We welcome a difficult and ill-defined challenge.

At the core of 1110 is an experienced and diverse group of staff, technologists, post-docs and students that share a common passion to solve important nuclear weapons and national security problems.  They are enabled by state-of-the-art laboratories and a broad suite of tools including multiple ion accelerators, neutron generation systems, unique electron microscopy systems, high performance computing systems, extensive modeling capabilities, laser systems, pulsed power technologies and cryogenic systems.  They are further supported by the full engineering and test capabilities at Sandia.  

Our broad science and engineering expertise allows us to work with multiple sponsors from across the technology maturity spectrum.  Our current sponsors span fundamental research supported by DOE Basic Energy Sciences, applied work for industry, DOE, DOD, and others.  Projects can be as short as a few weeks to solve a focused question to decade long investments that develop entirely new fields of research. 

We look forward to hearing about your challenge and providing out-of-the box solutions to make your programs successful.