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Connecting MD Simulations and NMR Spin Diffusion Experiments in Proton Exchange Membranes

Eric G. Sorte, Lauren J. Abbott, Amalie Frischknect, Todd M. Alam

2017 ENC





Characterization of the Water Environments in Thermosensitive NiPAAm Gels using 1H HRMAS NMR

Kimberly K. Childress, Todd M. Alam, Charles V. Rice, and Kevin Pastoor

2013 American Chemical Society Meeting





Heterogeneous Coordination Environments in Lithium-Neutralized Ionomers Identified Using 1H and 7Li MAS NMR

T.M. Alam, J.E. Jenkins, D.S. Bolintneanu, M.J. Stevens, A.L. Frischknecht, C.F. Buitrago, K.I. Winey, K.L. Opper, K.B. Wagener

2012 RMC Conference



ACS 2010




Coupling of Computational Methods for Prediction of NMR Signatures in CWAs

T.M. Alam, C.J. Pearce, T.L. Cayton, E. Baldwin, C.F.M. Clewett

2011 DTRA Conference



Investigation of Molecular Rotational Activation Engeries in Ionic Liquids Using 14N NMR Spectroscopy

T.M. Alam, D. Dreyer, C. Bielwaski, R. Rouff

Fall 2010 ACS Meeting, Boston, MA

ACS 2010

Ab Initio Studies into the Role of Water on the Energetics of Organophosphate Surface Adsorption

J.E. Jenkins, C.J. Pearce, C.F.M. Clewett, A. Garner, T.M. Alam

2010 DTRA Conference

DTRA - ab initio

Reducing the Global Danger of Weapons of Mass Destruction

M.K. Alam, T.M. Alam, S. Sarkar, M. Neerathilingam, S. Ansari, D. Volk, B. Luxon

2010 NNSA Symposium

NNSA 2010

Microhydration of Organophosphates: Ab Initio Investigations

T.M. Alam, J.E. Jenkins, C.J. Pearce, C.F.M. Clewett

2010 DTRA Conference

DTRA - Microhydration

Assessing the Use of 7Li MAS NMR Spectral Simulations for the Characterization of Disorder in Lithium Containing Materials

T.M. Alam, S.K. McIntyre, E.M. Baldwin, A. Garner, M. Nyman

2010 ENC

ENC 2010

Todd M. Alam

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