New Mexico Regional NMR (NMR Squared)

Spring 2021 Meeting

April 16, 9:00 AM

Using Stable Isotopes to Measure Metabolic Turnover

Matt Merritt – University of Florida

Metabolism research has taken advantage of isotope labeling experiments for nearly 100 years. Despite the long history of these methods, their vital role in understanding metabolic flux is often not appreciated by the field at large. With the proliferation of metabolomics (the assessment of metabolite concentrations) over the past 20 years, a new generation of scientists studying metabolism have access to large amounts of data without necessarily having enough information to properly assess if changes in metabolic turnover are actually present. NMR based isotopomer analysis has the ability to detect tracer levels of metabolite enrichment, and can determine changes in metabolic flux readily. Case studies of heart and liver metabolism demonstrate that isotopomer analysis can provide clarity where standard metabolomics fails to capture the underlying dynamics of the systems.  

April 16, 10:00 AM

NMR Probes as Magnetic Field Sensors for Antihydrogen Experiments

Nathan Evetts – ABQMR

A machine at CERN (by the ALPHA Collaboration) has been built to make, store, and experiment with antihydrogen atoms. Upcoming experiments to measure the force of gravity on antimatter have required the apparatus to incorporate custom-built NMR magnetic field sensors. These NMR probes were forced to operate in harsh conditions (small spaces, inhomogeneous fields, temperatures from 4 – 300 K) and yet sought precisions of a few ppm. In search of these performance goals we have considered novel solid-state samples, as well as uncommon probe designs. This talk will cast a discussion of NMR magnetometry in terms of the probes we have already built and the improvements we envision. In particular, I will suggest that the broad-band (delay-line) probe style has been overlooked. 

April 23, 9:00 AM

Structure and Chemical Kinetics of Heterogenous Biomolecular Assemblies with Solid-State NMR

Keith Fritzsching – New York Structural Biology Center & Columbia University

Solid-state NMR can be used to measure atomic-resolution structure and chemical kinetics in a broad range of systems, including those that lack periodicity, have defects, or other disorders. I will discuss studies from biophysics where detailed local conformational information is attenable despite long-range (nm-μm) disorder. I will highlight our recent study of TIA1, a protein involved in several neurodegenerative diseases. Even in this large (43 kDa) and complex protein, we could obtain site-specific information necessary for understanding the protein’s mechanisms and ligand binding. I will also discuss several Solid-state NMR methods development projects. I will introduce a class of recoupling pulse sequences that use an "interleaving" scheme to tune effective Hamiltonian scaling factors. Lastly, I will show results from an instrument we developed for freeze trapping molecules’ conformation on the μs time scale to trap molecules in exchange.  

April 23, 10:00 AM

Using 29Si NMR As A Probe for Uranium Oxidation States

Cory Windorff – New Mexico State University

Differentiating the oxidation states of uranium plays an important role for several processes including: nuclear waste separations, geochemical speciation, and materials synthesis, among other topics. However, it is difficult to differentiate U(III) from U(IV) at room temperature based on magnetic moment. With the use of silicon as a common component of ligands in molecular uranium chemistry there is an opportunity to examine the 29Si NMR spectra of several compounds across all available molecular oxidation states of uranium, from U(VI) to U(II). While paramagnetism can complete the interpretation and collection of NMR spectra, the 29Si NMR spectra of complexes of U(IV), U(III), and U(II) show a clear correlation between oxidation state and resonance. There will be a brief discussion on patterns between through bond vs. through space effects.

Past Speakers

Num. DatesHostSpeakers
1 02/27/82 UNM/Chemmany
209/25/82LANLPaul Lauterbur, Bill Earl
3 03/05/83NMIMTBob Vold, Bob London
411/12/83SNLJiri Jonas, Jim Frey, Larry Azevedo, Al Narath
505/05/84 LANL Al Garroway, Laurel Sillerud
611/10/84UNM/ChemJoe Ackerman, Jim Satterlee
704/13/85NMIMTDave Grant, Beat Meier, (VLA person)
810/19/85West. NMU Irv Lowe, Lynn Jelinski
904/26/86UTEPBob London, Rich Griffey
1011/08/86UNM/CNIDAd Bax, Simon Vinitski
1105/02/87LANL Nino Yannoni, Al Redfield, Bill Earl, Jim Satterlee
1210/03/87UNM/ChemR. Bryant, Warren Goux, Carl Storm
13 03/19/88 LovelaceDwight Nishimura, Paul Majors, Larry Werbelow, Bill Bochavchin
1410/29/88NMIMT Richard Ernst, Don Woessner, Mike Barfield, Tim Cornwell (VLA)
1505/20/89UNM/ChemColin Fyfe, Doug Smith, Arvind Caprihan
16 10/07/89Nort. Ariz.John Markley, Glenn Millhauser, Cliff Unkefer, Jim Brainard, Cindy Hartzell
1706/02/90LANL Jake Schaefer, Bob Gillies, Neil MacKEnzie, Jim Freyer
1810/27/90 LovelaceLeon Axel, Jasper Jackson, Mike Eastman, Milt Icenogle
19 06/08/91Santa Fe Imag Cntr.Kamil Ugurbil, Roger Assink, Laurel Sillerud, Nick Matwiyoff
2010/05/91NMIMTGitte Vold, Tom James, Eun-Kee Jeong, Boban John (GE)
21 03/14/92 U. ArizonaTruman Brown, Bob Gillies, Art Gmitro, Mike Eastman, Arnold Raitsimring, Mark Rance, Bob Marzke, Neil MacKenzie
2210/03/92 LANLDennis Torchia, Dave Grant, Craig D. Hughes, Cliff Unkfer
2302/27/93SNLDave VanderHart, Paul Callaghan, Todd M. Alam, Larry Campbell (NHMFL)
2410/09/93UNM/CNID Seiji Ogawa, Peter van Ziel, Irv Lowe, Daniel Sheltraw
2504/16/94 LovelaceBeat Meier, Yang Xia, Sharon Myers (SNL), John Sanders
26 10/15/94UNM/Chem  R. Brown, Miha Kos, G. Moore, Chuck Gasparovic
2710/21/95LANLTanja Pietraß, Larry Campbell (NHMFL), Chris Hammel, Griselda Hernandez, Santhana Velupillai, Paolo Catasti
28 04/20/96NMIMT Alex Pines, Alan Marshall, Dean Kuethe, Larry Werbelow
2909/28/96Western NMUAl Redfield, Ron Nieman, Eiichi Fukushima, Tanja Pietraß
3003/08/97LovelaceAgustin Kintanar, Joe Seymour, Mark Conradi
3110/18/97UNM/Chem Jim Yesinowski, Todd Alam, Bill Brooks, David LeMaster, Chuck Gasparovic
3205/09/98 NMSUBob Shulman, Tanja Pietraß, Bob London, Arvind Caprihan, Yair Shachar-Hill
3310/03/98SNL Dean Kuethe, Nick Curro, Todd Alam
34 06/26/99 LANLGriselda Hernandez, Emanuel Knill, Leonard Mueller(UCR), David LeMaster
3510/23/99NMSUD. Rothman, David Lang, J.M. Aramini, T. Fan, A. Lane
3604/29/00NMTTom Farrar, Jay Shore, Mike F. Brown, Julie M. Kneller, Steve Beyea
3711/11/00NMRBrian Saam, Cathy Clewett, Doug Harris(SNL), Atholl Gibson
3805/12/01not SNLDave Vanderhart, Sarah Codd, David Tierney
3910/12/01UNM/ChemSteve Atobelli, Brian Cherry, Brian Saam, Yair Shachar-Hill, Eiichi Fukushima
4005/17 -18/02 U UtahSteven Beyea, Jason Leawoods(Wash U), Megan Spence(UCB), Thomas Meersman, Ross Mair, Eun-Kee Jeong, Kevin Minard, Jacalyn Clawson, Tining Su
4111/09/02 NMT Marco Tomaselli, Julie A. Seeley, Kai Shen, Kevin Knagge, Natalie Adolphi
425/10/03UNM Chemistry James Huntley, Todd M. Alam, Jim Maneval, Mark Conradi, Laurel Sillerud
4311/15/03LANL Bob London, Norma Pawley, Larry Werbelow, Chris Sotak, Jeff Granwehr
4404/03/04NMRBrian Saam, Andrew McDowell, Tanja Pietraß, Al Garroway
4511/19/04 -20/04U UtahDean Kuethe, Brittany Berry, Matt Rosen, B. Driehuys, David Tierney, David Goldenberg, Dave Grant, Jinsoo Uh (CSU), Joe Seymour
4605/07/05SNLBarbara Lyons, Galina Pavlovskaya, Viktor Tarasov, Thomas Meersmann
4710/29/05NMTJim Ulvestad (NRAO), Dan Weitekamp, Louis-Claude Brunel, Eva de Alba
4805/13 -14/06NMR community 
In honor of Eiichi’s 70th birthday!!!!!
Callaghan, Steven Beyea, Steven Roeder, Bernhard Blumich, Katsumi Kose, Al Garroway
4910/28/06NMSU Linda Nicholson, Sally Pias, Shin Utsuzawa, Bob Gillies. Natalie Adolphi
50 05/05/07ABQMRCliff Unkefer, Mike Johns, Alison Costello, Andrew McDowell, Kris Stanley (UNM)
5110/27/07LANL  Cliff Unkefer, Bob Marzke, Andrei Matlashov, Steve Atobelli, Eiichi Fukushima
5204/19/08UNM MedNatalie Adolphi, Lori Sanfratello, Arvind Caprihan, Laurel Sillerud, Stefan Posse, Stephen Eberhardt
5311/01/08 SNLChuck Rice, Michelle Espy, Muniasamy Neerathilingam
544/25/09UNM Chem  Jeremy Smith, Barbara Lyons, Graham Timmins, Josh Telser
5511/14/09 ABQNMR and NMRChuck Gasparovic, Kevin Bennett, Chip Crawford, Vadim Zotev, Andrew McDowell
5604/17/10MRN Laurel Sillerud, Andrew Mayer, Ray Nunnally
5711/12-13/10ABQMR, NMR, UNMJim Satterlee, Al Garroway, Bernhard Bluemich, Al Redfield, Larry Werbelow, Bob London
5805/09/11ABQMR, NMR, UNMJoe Seymour, Andrei Matlashov, Brian Saam
5911/19/11ABQMR, NMR, UNMErik Clayton, Gary Hatch, Eiichi Fukushima, Dean Kuethe
6003/24/12LANLEric Wong, Sergei Turovets, Rosalind Sadlier, Alex Koglin
6110/06/12 NMTEmmanuel Momjian, Graham Timmins, Jeffery Yarger, Georgios Koutroulakis, Tanja Pietraß,
6203/09/13ABQMR, NMR, UNMDave Tierney, Mark Conradi, Eiichi Fukushima
6310/05/13WTA&MUTodd M. Alam, Steve Atobelli, Jeff White
6405/03/14ABQMR, NMR, UNMIgor Savukov, Daiki Tamada, Tomoyuki Haishi, Ad Bax
6510/18/14ABQMR, NMR, UNM Natalie Adolphi, Hans Thomann, Jim Freyer, Roger Assink
66 03/21/15SNLLou Madsen, Shin Utsuzawa, Eric Sorte, Cathy Clewett, Zinkuan Chen
6710/10/15Conradi alumTerry Gullion, Jeff Walton, Jason Woods, Sophia Hayes, Mark Conradi
6805/21/16 ABQMR, NMR, UNMSarah Codd, Baosong Wu, Greg McGovern, Joe Seymour
6909/17/16ABQMR, NMR, UNMMichael Malone, Scarlett Widgeon, Victor Acosta,Jan Lang
7004/15/17 ABQMR, NMR, UNMTanja Pietrass, Abdelghani Laraoui, Hilary Fabich, Steve Kadlecek
7110/21/17ABQMR, NMR, UNM Carl Michal, Vadim Zotev, Steve Altobelli, Karen Ann Smith
7205/05/18ABQMR, NMR, UNMAndrew McDowell, Diana Bernin, Daniel Topgaard, Matt Rosen
7310/27/18 ABQMR, NMR, UNMHilary Fabich, Cathy Clewett, Joseph J.H. Ackerman, Joshup Bray
745/18/19ABQMR, NMR, UNMEric Sorte, Dean Kuethe, Tomoyuki Haishi , Graham Timmins , Eiichi Fukushima
7510/12/19ABQMR, NMR, UNMJoe Seymour, Todd Alam, Shin Utsuzawa, Matt Rosen
7610/30/20 and 11/13/20 SNL, UNM Brennan Walder, Ben Wylie, Derrick Kaseman, Ryan McCarty
774/16/2021SNLMatt Merritt, Nathan Evetts, Keith Fritzsching, Cory Windorff