October 11, 2019

Computer scientists Tian Ma and Rudy Garcia

Wrangling big data into real-time, actionable intelligence

Social media, cameras, sensors and more generate huge amounts of data that can overwhelm analysts sifting through it all for meaningful, actionable information to provide to decision-makers. Sandia researchers are working to lessen that burden by developing the science to gather insights from data in nearly real time.

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Susan Seestrom

Strategic Priority No. 6

Strategic Priority No. 6, “Deploy outstanding engineering, science and technology to our mission,” is about actively supporting research at Sandia that takes full advantage of our strength to develop creative, cutting-edge solutions to emerging national security challenges that would have been unimaginable only a few years ago.

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Steve Girrens

Nuclear Deterrence strategy responds to a changing world

A reflection on past successes and a look at future challenges in a changing geopolitical world were highlighted at Sandia’s Sept. 26 Nuclear Deterrence all-hands meeting, “2020 and Beyond.” Associate Labs Director and Chief Engineer for Nuclear Weapons Steve Girrens and other Sandia leaders in ND touched on accomplishments, the division’s reorganization and the evolving stockpile stewardship mission of the Labs.

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Andy McIlroy

Associate Labs Director a 'humbling' position for McIlroy

By the end of this year, Associate Labs Director Andy McIlroy will have spent 25 years of his career at Sandia, finishing 2019 in a position he said he could not have imagined he would have as a young researcher. As the new ALD of Integrated Security Solutions, Andy plans to keep Sandia’s people and mission at the core of his decision-making process.

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Paul Sedillo giving presentation

Sandia debuts small-business partnership program

Sandia launched a mentor-protégé program on Oct. 1 to assist small-business development and enhance a company’s ability to build a solid foundation to compete for larger and more federal and industry opportunities. Sandia’s mentor-protégé program was unveiled during a small-business forum at the UNM Lobo Rainforest. More than 50 small-business representatives attended.

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Ken Armijo

Hispanics and STEM education at Sandia

The population of Hispanics/Latinos in the U.S. is expected to grow by approximately 40% by 2045, although only approximately 14.4% have bachelor’s degrees or higher and 7% are employed in STEM industries. Presently at Sandia, Hispanics and other minorities make up a significant 34% of the overall workforce. That number is expected to increase, thus promoting diversity at our sites.

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