May 24, 2019

Don Hanson looks down at the shutter assembly

UNM collaboration bolsters national security, science

Sandia and the University of New Mexico are joining forces to bolster national security and advance science and engineering under an agreement signed earlier this month. The umbrella Cooperative Research and Development Agreement allows the Labs and university to explore research collaborations among scientists, faculty and students in several areas, including ongoing projects.

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team members work on chem-e-car

Interns race to victory at Chem-E-Car competition

A team of hot-rodding, car constructing interns from Sandia took first place in the annual Chem-E-Car competition last month at the Colorado School of Mines in Golden. The competition was part of the 2019 American Institute of Chemical Engineers Rocky Mountain regional conference.

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back fin of classic car

Sandia revs its engines

The Labs’ annual car show, which started out as a team-building activity for Logistics Operations, roared to life again at Sandia this spring for its sixth year. Held on the first Thursday in May, the show this year featured 52 cars and six motorcycles from members of the workforce around the Labs.

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