January 04, 2019

Peter Maunz and Ojas Parekh standing in front of Sandia facility

Quantum computing steps further ahead with new Labs projects

Quantum computing is a term that periodically flashes across the media sky like heat lightning in the desert: brilliant, attention-getting and then vanishing from the public’s mind with no apparent aftereffects. Yet a multimillion-dollar international effort to build quantum computers is hardly going away. Now, three new Sandia projects (and a fourth a year underway) aim to bring the wiggly subject into steady illumination.

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Jeff Tsao

The benefits of engineered light

The study of LED lighting is still in its infancy, according to Sandia researchers. "Engineered light," light intentionally controlled in time, space and spectral content, can reward human optics with better lighting, help regulate human health and productivity, efficiently stimulate plant growth and increase nutritional value, and more.

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Community Involvement team collects toys and gifts

Toy drives in New Mexico

Sandia New Mexico employees contributed thousands of gifts and donations to the Labs’ annual Holiday Gift Drive for children in foster care in Bernalillo County and the annual Toys for Tots campaign sponsored by the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve.

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