August 16, 2019

sandia researchers stand on filled borehole

Earthquake or underground explosion?

Sandia researchers, as part of a group of NNSA scientists, have wrapped up years of field experiments to improve the United States’ ability to differentiate earthquakes from underground explosions, key knowledge needed to advance the nation’s monitoring and verification capabilities for detecting underground nuclear explosions.

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Tommie Kuykendall talks to intern in computer lab

From farm to computer lab

Demand for cybersecurity specialists is growing rapidly. As one part of an initiative to help address the growing need for cybersecurity specialists, DOE developed the Consortium Enabling Cybersecurity Opportunities & Research, or CECOR, to create educational opportunities in technical areas for minority youths.

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sandia engineers set up test in battery drop tower

Sandia abuses batteries for better energy storage

Lithium-ion batteries are most commonly found in electric cars, computers, medical equipment and aircraft. And they are getting more powerful all the time. The constant push for more storage and power drives the need for extensive battery testing, and Sandia's new drop tower has created yet another way to learn more about how these batteries respond to stress.

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Just in Time team members look at a laptop in the mailroom

Time is money

A Sandia team has designed a time- and money-saving improvement to the ordering process used at the Labs to procure small-value, commercially-available goods and services directly from Sandia suppliers. Their idea was one of three winners of the third annual internal competition held by Sandia’s Fueling Innovations team.

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Dori in front of the Sandia sign at the Albuquerque campus

Coming home

Not so long ago, Dori Ellis’ distinguished career at Sandia seemed over. Then new adventures came her way — and brought her back. Now she's been named Sandia's deputy labs director and she's looking forward to the road ahead.

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man loads computer onto flatbed trailer

Building digital bridges across New Mexico

Every year, Sandia donates used computers and accessories to K-12 school districts throughout New Mexico. The program began in 2003, following an executive order from President Bill Clinton. At this year's event, more than 1,250 computers were donated to 80 schools in 12 counties.

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volunteer loads SUV with backpacks to donate

Operation Backpack

Thanks to the generous donations of Sandia employees, 240 backpacks were donated this year to the children of military families at Kirtland Air Force Base in New Mexico and 55 backpacks were donated to the children of Bay Area military families in California.

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