September 28, 2018

bird takes flight from biologist's hand

The early biologist catches the bird

Its heart beating rapidly, a wild gray flycatcher sits in the palm of a steady hand, waiting for just the right moment to make its escape. The moment lasts mere seconds, but it’s filled with emotion, from fear to connection to protection. Moments like this don’t happen for most people, but for a handful of biologists in Sandia's ecology program, they do.

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biologist examines whiptail lizard

Slithering science

As part of Sandia's ecology program, wildlife biologists set up and check herpetofaunal traps around Sandia lands to gather data on species in the area. The data, combined with other baseline monitoring, are used to to observe long-term habitat changes.

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Members of winning NW SPRINT team

Sandia interns sprint to the challenge

Four intern teams competed for eight weeks this summer in Sandia’s fourth annual Nuclear Weapons Summer Product Realization Institute. During the NW SPRINT, nontraditional teams develop innovative concepts using new technologies, and identify and address gaps in those technologies. It also serves to create a recruiting pipeline.

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Bev McMillan checks the snack pantry

Sandia Gives Campaign October 8-26, 2018

The Sandia Gives Campaign is the Labs’ annual opportunity to come together and act with the common goal of helping our communities through the United Way. During this year’s Sandia Gives campaign, donors can continue to designate funds for any of the community collaborative efforts, including the Family Advocacy Center, Mission: Graduate and Mission: Families.

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