August 17, 2018

Sandia inhibitor search team scientists

Cutting it short

Diseases currently considered incurable could one day be eliminated with a single injection. New gene-editing technologies can cut disease out of a person’s DNA, but they aren’t safe to leave in the body for long, so Sandia scientists have developed a test to quickly, accurately and simultaneously screen thousands of molecules for their ability to shut down DNA-cutting proteins.

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Workers underground at the WIPP site

Keeping perspective during a long recovery

Sean Dunagan knows firsthand how to bring a major project back online after a three-year shutdown. Following the February 2014 events that closed the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant in Carlsbad, New Mexico, he was the senior WIPP recovery manager at DOE. Now back in Sandia’s employ, Sean manages special projects and remote site support for the Labs’ Carlsbad office.

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Sandia researcher Brandon Heimer

Sandia engineer receives top honor

Sandia researcher Brandon Heimer has been selected to participate in the National Academy of Engineering’s (NAE) 24th annual U.S. Frontiers of Engineering symposium. The academy called Brandon one of 84 of the nation’s “top-notch” engineers performing exceptional engineering research and technical work in a variety of disciplines.

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Backpacks full of school supplies

Operation Backpack expands reach to Moffett Air National Guard

For the fifth year, Sandia/California has rallied to give children of local military families a stellar start to the school year. The Operation Backpack team initially aimed to collect 150 backpacks filled with school supplies. By the end of the campaign, Sandia had far surpassed that number, collecting backpacks and supplies for 202 students.

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Marie Kane bikes near the Golden Gate Bridge

Florida gator savors watermelon

Sandia has a special allure for manager and University of Florida alumnus Marie Kane. The national security mission, engaging work, friendly culture and excellent work/life balance are all factors that brought Kane not once, but twice to Sandia’s door.

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