Sandia celebrates Pride Month

By Katrina Wagner

Thursday, June 20, 2019

SPAN members and families watch Pride parade
SPAN members, family and friends gathered to watch the Pride parade, wearing lab coats to represent Sandia's STEM focus.  (Photo by Mary Watson)
John Dickinson and Chris LeFleur at Pride parade
John Dickinson and Chris LeFleur (Photo by Katrina Wagner)

The Sandia Pride Alliance Network teamed with other organizations at the Labs to celebrate Pride Month this June and held a series of conversations that centered on intersectionality.

SPAN chair Chris LaFleur said, “The Pride Blitz this month was a series of fantastic events where we engaged with several other employee groups and shared the ways we are different, as well as highlighted our commonalities.”

Hispanic Outreach for Leadership and Awareness and SPAN discussed how Hispanic and LGBTQ cultures intersect and collide in the community. Diversity Cinema featured “Love, No Matter What,” a film about accepting your children unconditionally.

John Dickinson and Sharrisa Young at Pride parade
John Dickinson and Sharrisa Young (Photo by Katrina Wagner)

Sandia employees and their families and friends gathered June 8 to watch the Albuquerque Pride Parade along Central Avenue. “The Sandia Pride parade-watching event this year was fun and attracted more than 60 attendees, which is the biggest turnout at Pride we’ve had so far,” said Sandian Audrey Morris-Eckart. “We had a lot of fun wearing lab coats to represent Sandia’s STEM focus and enjoyed the shaded watching area.

“Next year, we plan to have both a parade-watching event and a group marching in the parade, with expectations to even further increase participation from our expanding membership,” Audrey said.

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