Sandia engineer featured in golf publication

By Michael Baker

Photography By Randy Montoya

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Bobby Baca swings a golf club
BEING THE BEST — Sandia engineer Bobby Baca has risen to the top of the one-arm golf world and now aims to compete against the two-handed best.

One-arm golfer Bobby Baca wants to be the best he can be. No, scratch that cliché, Bobby Baca wants to beat the best.

“What drives me is to be able to become as good as a top golfer that is two-handed,” says the Sandia engineer. “I want to just be considered as a really good golfer.”

And that he is, as illustrated by a recent feature in New Mexico Golf News.

Bobby has been at Sandia for 27 years, the last 20 working in military systems development engineering. He has a bachelor’s in civil engineering and a master’s in systems engineering from New Mexico State University.

To achieve his goals, Bobby knows it takes work. The right-handed golfer played 71 rounds last year despite a five-month break for a hip replacement. A procedure required, he admits, partly because he was revamping his swing. He worked on loading his weight on his left leg at address to improve his balance at impact, and the extra practice contributed to wearing out cartilage.

“Golf is peaks and valleys,” he says. “You have to practice at it if you want to be good at it. You have to practice at it if you want to play against the best.”