Enabling the workforce to accomplish the mission

By Amy Treece

Thursday, March 01, 2018

Enabling the workforce to accomplish the mission

It’s often said that “It takes a village,” but at Sandia, it takes 12,000 people to accomplish the mission. To help those villagers do their jobs more easily and efficiently, Mission Services has come up with new tools and processes that do just that.

New apps for Logistics, Procurement, and project reporting

A new application, Move-It, lets people request Logistics services to move, store, and dispose of hazardous and nonhazardous materials. Developed by Supply Chain Management and Advanced Enterprise Software Engineering, the app gives customers a single, intuitive, and straightforward request system for Logistics services.

Every day, Sandia staff order goods and services. My Procurement lets internal customers easily view all aspects of orders in process, including who the buyer is as well as any expiring purchase orders.

Data drives informed decisions, and two corporate-supported reporting and analysis apps released in October give Sandia managers and business personnel needed data in user friendly, easily visualized form. Financial Analytics provides financial project reporting, from the programmatic level down to the lowest task level. It breaks out expenditure types and details, projects trends, and links directly to other financial systems. Org on a Page shows projects at the organization level for divisions, centers, groups, and departments. Users can drill down into project totals, identify the top five charged and managed projects, and obtain high-level non-base financial information, as well as data from Human Resources. The Enterprise Business Intelligence Portal replaces two other programs and significantly reduces the time and effort needed to gather, interpret, and share the HR and financial data used by managers in decision making and regulatory compliance.

For professional project managers, reliable information is key. The new Corporate Earned Value Management System brings to Sandia effective and efficient project planning and controls, and auditable, traceable, and reliable performance reporting. The EVMS processes aid in delivering projects within scope, schedule, and budget, and improve consistency for new project startups.

Enabling the workforce to accomplish the mission

New tools for traveling, connecting and collaborating

Travel can be tiring, but enhancements to the Expense Report Plus system makes it a bit easier for the workforce on the go. ER Plus allows automated manager approval for low-risk travel expense reports, and verification of lodging costs based on Federal Travel Regulation. In addition, paperless receipts now can be used for travel and non-travel expense reporting, and travelers know exactly how much they have for their destination, thanks to last year’s switch to per diem for meals and incidentals.

For those who use Sandia-owned iPhones and iPads, a new mobile credential simplifies remote access to internal web resources such as timesheets and expense reports. About 1,450 devices already use the credential, and more than 5,500 users received installation instructions.

Members of Sandia’s workforce team up all the time, so Enterprise Collaboration Services (ECS) and partners worked with multiple organizations to increase Skype-based collaboration on the Sandia classified network by more than 50 percent. ECS provided cameras, headsets, and microphones to more than 200 people and worked with Nuclear Weapons Planning, Operations, Assurance, and the Classified Computing Continual Service Improvement team on personalized training so users could be comfortable using Skype on the classified network.

More collaboration also was encouraged through the Tiered Accountability (TA) boards, one of the six Laboratory Operating System enablers helping Sandia’s workforce share information. Standard templates for the boards were updated, put into use by the Senior Leadership Team at Tier 5, and are now available for all boards. After pilot projects explored options for virtual tier boards, a platform based on Confluence Wiki will allow members of the workforce who can’t attend TA meetings to fully engage with their teams to discuss priorities, identify problems, reinforce accountability, and track metrics. More than 180 tier boards are active at all levels of the organization, but the goal is for every team at the Labs to use its own tier board before the end of FY18.

Innovation at Sandia comes standard, whether providing support to the front lines or providing support for those behind the scenes, and the new tools aim squarely at increasing innovation.