Sandia awards $135 million in construction contracts to NM businesses

By Nancy Salem

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Sandia awards $135 million in construction contracts to NM businesses

UNDER CONSTRUCTION — A crew from Summit Construction Co. of Albuquerque works on a project in Bldg. 895. Summit is one of 14 New Mexico companies chosen to provide construction work at Sandia in the coming years.  

Fourteen New Mexico companies, most of them small businesses, have been chosen to provide about $135 million in general, electrical, mechanical, and civil construction work at Sandia.

The companies are subcontractors for the Labs and will compete for individual construction projects as they occur, says Krista Smith, senior manager of Procurement Dept. 10240. The general construction subcontracts run five years and the civil, mechanical, and electrical three years.

In New Mexico, Sandia for years has competed construction work through construction partnership agreements, bundled together by discipline. “Having a pre-qualified group of subcontractors allows for competitive prices, a quick turnaround, and allows suppliers to gain experience and know-how with Sandia’s facilities requirements,” Krista says. “Construction partnerships also have improved Sandia’s construction safety performance over the past decade.”

The subcontractors selected for general construction projects are Applied Construction Technologies 2, Engineering Constructors Inc., H+P Construction Services, SDV Construction, Summit Construction Co., and TEF Construction. The electrical contractors are Applied Construction Technologies 2, Del Rio Enterprises Inc., Enterprise Electrical Services, and U.S. Electrical Corp. The mechanical contractors are HDL&M Construction Services, H+P Construction Services, Rupert Plumbing and Heating Co., and Scoggin Mechanical Industries Inc. The civil contractors are RMCI Inc., Summit Construction Co., and TLC Plumbing and Utility.

All the companies are New Mexico based and all but two, RMCI and TLC, are small businesses.

“The review team is to be commended for its unwavering commitment to the small business community,” Krista says. “Sandia is dedicated to finding and using diverse, highly qualified, small business suppliers to help the Laboratories achieve its national security mission. These construction partnership agreements demonstrate and reinforce our commitment to New Mexico’s small business community.”

Sandia’s reviewers informed suppliers in the community last year about the re-bidding of the construction partnership agreements through a variety of outreach efforts, Krista says. The selected companies were among 25 firms that submitted bids. More than 70 companies expressed interest in the agreements.

"We want to ensure there are as many opportunities as possible for companies that want to work with Sandia."

The bidders underwent a competitive and rigorous selection process that included meeting minimum mandatory requirements, providing information about their qualifications and technical skills, undergoing a review by a six-member technical and safety team at Sandia, and completing multiple reviews by NNSA, says Devin DeMenno (10243), a Sandia subcontract manager. “All the partners are pre-qualified for facility clearances, safety, quality, and technical capability to allow for us to safely and effectively execute mission requirements,” he says.

The minimum requirements included being in business for at least five years, being licensed for the applicable construction discipline, and having a safety record that meets certain Occupational Safety and Health Administration requirements, Devin says.

While much of the construction at Sandia falls under the partnership agreements, there are many other types of construction work that companies can bid on, often found on the Labs’ Business Opportunities website. Such projects include maintenance, demolition, and large-scale construction projects. Partnership subcontractors are listed on Sandia’s website and may be contacted for potential subcontracting opportunities.

“The construction partnerships are a strategic sourcing plan to ensure that construction projects at Sandia will be procured and executed as quickly, efficiently, and safely as possible,” Krista says. “We also want to ensure there are as many opportunities as possible for companies that want to work with Sandia.”