One-stop shop improves HR, financial reporting at Sandia

By Amy Treece

Friday, November 10, 2017

New Enterprise Business Intelligence Portal represents ‘revolutionary’ upgrade

New Enterprise Business Intelligence Portal represents ‘revolutionary’ upgrade

After two years of intensive work, Sandia’s IT organization is rolling out the Enterprise Business Intelligence (EBI) Portal, which provides a modernized suite of Human Resources reports/queries along with financial and supply chain data via an upgraded user interface.

“EBI is fairly revolutionary,” says Tracy Jones, manager of Sandia’s enterprise business intelligence organization. “This is a one-stop shop that provides Human Resource business partners, talent acquisition staff, and finance personnel with self-service capability in a way similar to what the Analytic Reporting Capability software does for financial reporting.”

Over the years, users have run up against the limitations of the Labs’ HR reporting tools, requiring them to create ad hoc reports to generate the information they needed. The new tool should make those problems a thing of the past, Tracy says. The EBI Portal, he says, will significantly reduce the excessive time and effort needed to gather, interpret, and communicate data used for management decision making and legal/regulatory compliance, while also ensuring the data is consistent and accurate.

Samantha Oesterling, a software systems engineer working on this project since it began in 2016, says, “Systems such as Reportville and HR Queries are becoming difficult to maintain as technology is upgraded. It’s imperative to reduce the vulnerabilities they have and take Sandia to a place where needs are being met while security is aggressively maintained.”

Supports Labs’ strategic objectives

The EBI team spent a lot of time focusing on the user interface and experience.

“All employees requiring access to these reports need to have a portal that is intuitive and easy to navigate,” says business systems analyst Jean Plummer. “This supports Sandia’s strategic objective to improve the effectiveness of Laboratories operations. With the new EBI Portal, we’re making it possible for managers as well as HR and financial employees to dedicate more time to other activities supporting the mission rather than having to dig up all the right data from multiple sources.”

Reportville will be decommissioned on Nov. 10. HR Queries is slated for retirement in January or February 2018, but based on new data, that date could be accelerated. More information on the sunset of both programs will be on the EBI Portal home page, and announcements will be published in the Sandia Daily News. Currently, Reportville and HR Queries are accessible to quite a few Sandia employees. Due to the personally identifiable information available in some EBI reports, access will now be limited to those with a strong business need. Reportville users and managers will be automatically imported, but all other employees will be given access based on function and approval by Carol Manzanares, a senior manager in Human Resources.