Tuesday – July 22, 2014

7:30 am Registration & Badging  
8:30 am Opening Remarks  
8:45 am Keynote 1  
9:30 am

Session 1 - Threat Intelligence, Moderator: Ann Cox

  ATTACK - Characterizing Post-Initial Access Adversarial Behavior Blake Strom
  Never Refuse Free Cookies (and Other Ways to Leverage Leakage) John Jarocki
10:30 am Break
10:45 am Big Data Approaches to Malware Triage: Detecting, Understanding and Defending Against Malware At Scale Josh Saxe
  Fighting Banking Trojans: The Offensive Tactical Reconnaissance (OTR) Platform Lanier Watkins
11:45 am


1:00 pm

Session 2 - Similarity Detection, Moderator: Joe Betser

  FuncTracker: Discovering Shared Code to Aid Malware Forensics Arun Lakhotia
  HERDWARE: Herdware Evaluates Reuse in Disassembled SoftWARE Craig Shannon
  Software Similarity Metrics for Malware Clustering Applications Mike West
2:30 pm


2:45 pm Panel: Future Directions of Malware, Moderator: Jennifer Mcgreevy  
3:45 pm

Session 3 - Case Studies, Moderator: Sil Han

  Snake/Uroburos: A Case Study in Advanced Rootkit Analysis and Response Alex Berry
  In-Depth Analysis of the Careto Cyberespionage Platform Drew Hearle
6:00 pm Social  

Wednesday – July 23, 2014

7:00 am Registration & Badging  
8:00 am Opening Remarks  
8:15 am Keynote 2  
9:00 am

Session 4 - Malware Detection 1, Moderator: Bob Nissen

  The hunt for memory injected malware Michael J Hancher
  Automated Malware Persistence Detection through Registry Analysis Joe Ingram
10:00 am Break
10:15 am Observing Adversary Malware Use Adam Pennington
  A Tunable Attribution Framework Lanier Watkins
Automated Reverse Engineering of Malware Blake Anderson
11:45 am

Lunch/Poster Setup

1:00 pm

Session 5 - Malware Detection 2, Moderator: Neeta Rattan

  Identifying Malware via Machine Learning and System Call Sequence Representations David Zage
  Machine Learning Detection of Malware in the Presence of Adversarial Tampering Philip Kegelmeyer
2:00 pm

Poster Session

3:30 pm

Session 6 - Mobile Malware. Moderator: Rob Murawski

  Detecting Mobile Malware Using Periodic Mobile Forensics Jared Ondricek
  Understanding Android Malware through Statistical Analysis Nick Valletta
  Smashing through the looking glass: Breaking Reflection-based Packing in Android Malware Rob Brandon

Thursday – July 24, 2014

7:00am Registration & Badging  
8:00am Opening Remarks  
8:15am Keynote  
9:00 am

Session 7 - Dynamic Analysis, Moderator: Aaron Hackworth

  PANDA: Platform for Architecture-Neutral Dynamic Analysis Ryan Whelan
Andlantis: Large-scale Android Dynamic Analysis Elisha Choe
  Initial Transfer Austin Parker
10:30 am


10:45 am

Session 8 - Stories from the Field, Moderator: Jackie Bow

  A Fascinating Insider's Look At Real-time Attack and Defend Casey Gately
11:15 am Closing Remarks  
11:30 pm

Committee Planning, Working Lunch