July 2021 | Sandia National Laboratories | Albuquerque, NM


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the next MTEM will be held in 2021.  Sandia National Laboratories is honored to host the event.  More details will be sent out in the fall of 2020.


Call for Participation

The Malware Technical Exchange Meeting (MTEM) is an annual classified meeting hosted by one of the US Government Federally Funded Research and Development Centers (FFRDCs) that brings together practitioners and researchers from government, FFRDCs, academia, and industry. In its twelfth year, MTEM 2021 will again discuss the important problems in the area of malware, reverse engineering, incident response, trends analysis, and research. MTEM 2021 will feature highly relevant keynote speakers and presentations on new and novel work, and it will offer opportunities for networking and idea sharing.

Submission Details


General Session

The 2021 Malware Technical Exchange Meeting will take place July 2021 at Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The general session is classified SECRET//NOFORN. This year’s theme is: "Community > Things" (community is greater than things).  The malware threat surface has been growing at an increasing rate as more "things" are connected to the Internet.  The MTEM community is one antidote to the exponential growth of malware challenges, especially as they expand into areas such as ICS, SCADA, and IoT.

SCI Session

MTEM 2021 will feature a half-day TS//SCI session. Submissions are welcome in any of the topic areas below.

Poster Session

MTEM 2021 will also host a poster session to showcase the many facets of practice and research in the malware domain. The MTEM 2021 Poster Session is UNCLASSIFIED.


We encourage submissions in the following topic areas:

  • Defense Against Malware
  • Malware Detection
  • Emerging Malware or Communications
  • Malware Similarity or Diversity
  • Response and Recovery Case Studies
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Malware Monitoring
  • Innovative Open Tool Solutions
  • Simulating the Community in the Lab
  • IoT Malware
  • ICS/SCADA Malware