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Thin Films

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  Multi Layer Thin Films

Multi Layer Thin Films

  Planetary Sputtering SystemsPlanetary Sputtering Systems

Planetary Sputtering Systems

The Thin Film laboratory within Manufacturing Science & Technology provides a variety of vapor deposition processes and facilities for cooperative research and development. Available capabilities include electron beam evaporation, sputter deposition, reactive deposition processes, atomic layer deposition (ALD) and specialized techniques such as focused ion beam induced chemical vapor deposition. Equipment can be reconfigured for prototyping or it can be dedicated to long-term research, development and manufacturing. Most sputter and evaporative deposition systems are capable of depositing multiple materials.

Deposition Capabilities and Expertise:


  Microengine hub coated by atomic layer deposition

Micro engine hub coated with 10 nm of 2O3 by Atomic Layer Desposition. Transmission electron microscope cross sections show uniform film coating on both exposed and showed surfaces.

Analysis capabilities:



David P. Adams
Ron S. Goeke