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Sol-Gel Glasses

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  Sol Gel

Sol Gel

  Coating with Sol-Gel Glasses

Coating with Sol-Gel Glasses

The Manufacturing Science & Technology Center conducts process development and scale-up of ceramic and glass materials prepared by the sol-gel process. Sol-gel processing uses solutions prepared at low temperature rather than high temperature powder processing to make materials with controlled properties. A precursor sol-gel solution (sol) is either poured into a mold and allowed to gel or is diluted and applied to a substrate by spinning, dipping, spraying, electrophoresis, inkjet printing or roll coating. Controlled drying of the wet gel results in either a ceramic or glass bulk part or a thin film on a glass, plastic, ceramic or metal substrate.

Sol-gel derived materials have diverse applications in optics, electronics, energy, space, sensors and separation technology.

The department also makes highly porous bulk and thin film aerogels using a sol-gel process. These novel materials have unique properties (>90% porosity, ultra-low density, low thermal conductivity) that lead to applications as acoustic insulation, highly efficient inorganic insulation, low K dielectrics, and as inert porous matrices for sensors or optics.




Numerous patents issued:

  1. Patent No. 4,476,156. Low Temperature Process for Obtaining Thin Glass Films
  2. Patent No. 4,929,278. Sol-Gel Antireflective Coating on Plastics
  3. Patent No. 4,966,812. Sol-Gel Antireflective Coating on Plastics
  4. Patent No. 5,078,919. Composition Containing Aerogel Substrate loaded with Tritium
  5. Patent No. 5,122,305. Solid-State Radiation-Emitting Compositions and Devices
  6. Patent No. 5,137,659. Solid-State Radiation-Emitting Compositions and Devices
  7. Patent No. 5,240,647. Process for Making Solid-State Radiation-Emitting Composition
  8. Patent No. 5,313,485. Luminescent Light Source for Laser Pumping and Laser System Containing Same
  9. Patent No. 5,306,445. Inorganic Volumetric Light Source Excited by Ultraviolet Light
  10. Patent No. 5,925,228. Electrophoretically active sol-gel processes to backfill, seal, and/or densify porous, flawed, and/or cracked coatings on electrically conductive material
  11. Patent No. 6,258,305. Method For Net-Shaping Using Aerogels
  12. Patent No. 6,494,326. Composite Zeolite Membranes

Scott Reed