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Electro Microfluidic Dual In-line Package (EMDIP)

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  EMDIP diagram

EMDIP Diagram

Microfluidics is experiencing explosive growth in new product developments. Already there are many commercial applications for electro microfluidic devices such as chemical sensors, biological sensors, and drop ejectors for both printing and chemical analysis. The number of surface micromachined microfluidic devices is likely to increase. Manufacturing efficiency and integration of microfluidics with electronics will become important. In order to realize applications for these devices, an efficient method for packaging microfluidic devices is needed. Responding to this need, researchers at Sandia developed the Electro Microfluidic Dual In-Line Package (EMDIP) and the Fluidic Printed Wiring Board (FPWB).

EMDIP, top view  

EMDIP, top view

EMDIP is an inexpensive packaging method for silicon based electro microfluidic devices. This package is durable, modular, easy to handle, and easy to install. The Laboratory Directed Research and Development (LDRD) program funded the development of this technology. The goal of this research was to develop a standard package that was inexpensive and would fit the needs for different silicon based electro microfluidic devices.



  EMDIP, bottom view

EMDIP, bottom view

This patent pending technology allows for electrical connections on the top side of the silicon devices and fluidic connections on the bottom side as part of the assembly process. The technology has many beneficial features. For instance, EMDIP:


  Electro Microfludic IC attached to EMDIP

Electro Microfluidic IC attached to EMPDIP

Accomplishments concerning EMDIP's development include the following:

Jeremy Palmer
David Gill