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Thin Film, Vacuum, and Packaging

Thin Film, Vacuum, and Packaging

The Thin Film, Vacuum, and Packaging Technologies organization offers expertise in a variety of materials processes.

Our mission is to work with partners requiring thin film engineering, vacuum system design and fabrication, brazing, as well as electronic module manufacturing and packaging technologies.

We have extensive experience with coating processes, including sputter deposition, electron beam evaporation and electroplating. We routinely deposit over 25 elements as well as numerous compounds.

In addition, we have expertise in vacuum system design and manufacturing. This includes engineering new and existing vacuum systems, instrumentation and processing tools. Components can also be prepared (cleaned) for use in vacuum.

Our joining team can advance electronics and other manufacturing processes by performing special brazing and diffusion bonding operations. The electronic microcircuit and packaging effort provides an important resource for engineering a variety of microelectronic circuit assemblies. From layout to fabrication of prototype samples, we offer opportunities for concurrent development and testing of these assemblies. An important aspect of our efforts is assisting partners in selecting an appropriate manufacturing technology.