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Adhesive Bonding



Materials Characterization

Mechanical Testing

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Organic Materials

Composite-to-metal adhesive bond  

Experimental/analytical study of composit-to-metal adhesive bond.

The Organic Materials department in the Advanced Manufacturing and Processing Laboratory provides innovative prototype fabrication, full service small lot production, materials technology, processing expertise, and a broad range of organic material characterization and mechanical testing techniques. We encapsulate, we join and bond, we foam, we analyze and image, we build composite structures. We strive to make you, our customers, successful! We partner with you to find the right combination of materials, processing, and fixturing that will result in the highest value for the lowest price.

Our Vision

  Glass/epoxy sun shade

Glass/epoxy sun shade made with 5-axis filament winder.

We want to be significant contributors in the fields of encapsulation, joining, composites, material characterization and mechanical testing. This includes an emphasis on both the "doing" and the "understanding" in each of these areas.

Our Mission

We support demanding applications such as the following: