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Machining Services

Manufacturing Processes and Services and its sister organization, Manufacturing Process, Science, and Technology, share their resources: people, machines, space, etc. The facility has about 70,000 square feet of shop and lab space. We work with your engineers to transform their sketches and ideas into working prototypes. Approximately 125 tradespersons and support personnel perform the following services:


Manufacturing Liaison The electronic and mechanical liaison group works with inside shops and over 2000 outside suppliers.
Welding, Fabrication, & Assembly Onsite or remote welding, assembly and repair
Precision Metal Forming Aircraft quality sheet metal fabrication
Heat Treatment Hardening, normalizing, annealing
Machine Repair Preventative maintenance and repair of machine shop equipment
Abrasives Grinding and lapping of materials
Mechanical Measurements In-process and final dimensional measurements of components
Calibration Length, mass, force, and dimensional reference standards