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Ceramic and Glass

  Ceramic and glass
"If Its Glass or Ceramic, Well Help you Make It, Buy It, or Invent It!"

The Ceramics and Glass Processing Department at Sandia National Laboratories provides a broad range of processing options for many types and compositions of prototype ceramic, glass, and glass-ceramic components. Our capabilities range from chemical synthesis of powders and glasses, through powder processing, billet formation and machining, to complete component fabrication and testing.

Our Mission

Our ceramic, glass, and glass-ceramic products meet customer needs in defense, energy, environmental, and industrial sectors.

Through teamwork, we put people first yours and urs.

We are dedicated to helping customers solve their technical problems and meet their requirements on time and within budget.

If a commercial solution does not exist, we have the capability to develop unique processes and do quality production.

We form partnerships within Sandia, the DOE Complex, and with Industry and Universities to ensure quality products.

Your success is our success.