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User Facilities

Definition - Sandia has approximately 28 facilities that can be accessed by private-sector companies, universities, and other laboratories through a User Facility Agreement. The Manufacturing Science & Technology Organization is a User Facility.

Benefits - A company representative performs the work at a Sandia facility. Sandia will provide the support staff that is required for maintenance or safety procedures.

Preparation for Agreement - The agreement requires a statement of work prepared by technical representatives from Sandia and the sponsor. Each project has to demonstrate its benefit to DOE. User Facility Agreements can be executed in 30 days.

Funding - The sponsor provides all of the funding. The costs are based on Sandia's full cost recovery for the statement of work and must be paid before work commences if the total is less than $25K or the project duration is less than three months. If the totals exceed $25K and three month's duration, billing terms can be arranged.

Joe M. Harris,  (505) 844-8344
Kathryn T. Lindell,  (505) 845-8271