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Technical Personnel Exchange

Definition - Under a personnel exchange, a technical representative of a company may work with Sandia technical staff, or Sandia technical staff may work at the company's location, for up to one year. If Sandian works at the sponsor's site, the sponsor manages the project.

The generation of intellectual property is not expected, but if intellectual property is created, it is owned by the government. The company may apply for a license.

Benefits - This program allows companies access to technical skills and equipment not available in the private sector.

Preparation for Agreement - The project has to demonstrate its benefit to DOE. The agreement can be executed in as few as ten days, including DOE's review and approval.

Note: if a company representative plans to come to Sandia for the project, the preparation time may be extended while security and badge issues are resolved.

Funding - The sponsor provides all of the funding. The costs are based on Sandia's full cost recovery for the statement of work and must be paid before work commences if the total is less than $25K or the project duration is less than three months. If the totals exceed $25K and three month's duration, billing terms can be arranged.

Joe M. Harris,  (505) 844-8344
Kathryn T. Lindell,  (505) 845-8271