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Funds-In Technical Assistance

Definition - Sandia may provide technical assistance if it does not compete with services available from private industry. Since technical assistance predictably uses existing technologies, no collaborative research is involved and no intellectual property development is expected. The assistance is for short-term projects, usually one week in duration.

Benefits - This mechanism provides expert advice quickly.

Preparation for Agreement - The preparation requires brief forms to fill out, including a statement of the project's benefit to DOE. The two-page agreement form can be executed in seven days; however, work cannot begin until funding is provided.

Funding - The industry partner provides all of the funding. The costs are based on Sandia's full cost recovery and must be paid before work commences. The usual limit is $5K for labor costs.

Joe M. Harris,  (505) 844-8344
Kathryn T. Lindell,  (505) 845-8271