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CRADA (Cooperative Research and Development Agreement)

Definition - Through a CRADA, Sandia and one or more partners outside the federal government (usually from industry or academia) collaborate and pool the results from a research and development project that benefits or enhances Sandia's mission for DOE as well as the industry partner.

Benefits - Information developed under a CRADA can be protected for five years; ownership and licensing of CRADA-generated intellectual properties are negotiated.

Preparation for Agreement - This agreement requires a written statement of work and related documentation, negotiation of the CRADA terms and conditions, and review and approval of the project by DOE. Each project must demonstrate its benefit to DOE. Because of its complexity in negotiation, the CRADA averages three to six months in preparation; however, Sandia has executed a CRADA in less than a month.

Funding - Funding for the project may be jointly supplied by DOE or other federal agencies and the partner or solely by the partner.  These CRADAs can usually be executed in three to six months.

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