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Advanced Manufacturing Trades Training Program (AMTTP)

Training Areas

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Electronics Fabrication Training/Requirements
The Electronics Fabrication organization partners with customers, primarily Sandia engineering staff, in the partial and complete development of specialized electronic systems. Its services include product design, fabrication, inspection, testing, and installation.

Contact: Margarito Crespin



Machining/Mechanical Measurements Training/Requirements

The Manufacturing Processes and Services organization builds, procures, inspects, and assembles unique prototype and production hardware with diverse quality requirements. It has the in-house capability to manufacture hardware ranging from microscopic to proportions measured in feet and tons.

Contact: Doug Abrams or Jane Poppenger


  Thin Films

Materials Training/Requirements

The Thin Film, Vacuum, and Packaging organization offers expertise in a variety of material processes. It works with partners requiring thin film engineering, vacuum system design and fabrication, brazing, as well as electronic module manufacturing and packaging technologies.

Contact: Bob Poole

The Organic Materials organization provides innovative prototype fabrication, full service small lot production, materials technology, processing expertise, and a broad range of organic material characterization and mechanical testing techniques.

Contact: Michael Kelly

The Ceramics and Glass Processing organization provides a broad range of processing options for many types and compositions of prototype ceramic, glass, and glass-ceramic components. Its capabilities range from chemical synthesis of powders and glasses, through powder processing, billet formation and machining, to complete component fabrication and testing.

Contact: Roger Moore