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Advanced Manufacturing Trades Training Program (AMTTP)

Mutual Education of Skills Training (MEST) & Specific Trades Training (SIT)

The Mutual Education of Skills Training (MEST) phase provides trades training to qualified students who are currently studying at an educational institution. During this two-year phase, the students work at Sandia as interns while attending school. The students gain valuable work experience and skills, which complements the academic education they are receiving.

  MEST Program

MEST Program

"The MEST program has been a positive experience that has helped me grow as an individual. My co-workers have been supportive of the difficulties of being a full time student and employee."
- Michael Duran, TVI

"The thing I like best about the program is the fact that I am not committed to working in one area, and that I am able to move to another if that one catches my attention. I also like all of the hands-on learning that I am doing, it is better than sitting in a class and not using the information I have learned."
- Sheree Boblick, TVI


The Specific Trades Training (STT) phase provides specific trades training to qualified students who have completed the MEST phase and received their degree from a post-secondary school. During this phase, students will receive three years of advanced training in their field while earning a full-time salary with benefits.

  SIT Program

SIT Program — Sharon Gordon, TVI

Sharon Gordon is Albuquerque TVI's Chapter President and New Mexico Post Secondary State President for SkillsUSA, a national student organization serving more than a quarter-million high school and college students and professional members who are enrolled in technical, skilled, and service occupations. In SkillsUSA's  national conference and competition in June, Sharon received the silver medal in the Leadership competition and the True Leader Award and scholarship.

"The AMTTP program has opened doors of opportunity! To receive hands-on experience with state-of-the art equipment, while learning the latest technology is incredible."
- Sharon Gordon, TVI