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Advanced Manufacturing Trades Training Program (AMTTP)

The AMTTP recruits students from the Advanced Technology Academy (ATA), another critical skills development pipeline program. Now in session at two local high schools, the ATA is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy/Defense Programs and has been cited by the NACFAM as a national model.

Sandia National Laboratories is always looking for qualified, motivated, individuals to join its team. In cooperation with the Metal Trades Council, New Mexico technical institutes and Albuquerque Public Schools, Sandia created the Advanced Manufacturing Trades Training Program (AMTTP).

The AMTTP is a two-phase program that recruits and trains students in the crucial trades areas of electronic fabrication, machining, and materials science. The phases consist of Mutual Education of Skills Training and Specific Trades Training. In addition, the AMTTP program utilizes skill standards that align with the National Coalition for Advanced Manufacturing (NACFAM).

Students of Advanced Manufacturing Trades Training Program working and learning