The Metal Micromachining Program maintains three state-of-the-art fabrication laboratories to produce cutting-edge, high-quality metal devices. Equipped with the a vast collection of hardware, materials and programs, each laboratory can be used to perform both traditional and nontraditional work. Whether your project requires a unique, custom-designed mold or bottom-up electroplating, the Metal Micromachining Program’s has the facilities necessary to get the job done.

    • 150 sq. ft. Class 100 Clean Room/50,50

      Wet Bench/160,285

      Deep UV and Near UV Lithography/425,180



      Clean Room Oven/625,175

      Lithography Laboratory:

      The Lithography Laboratory is equipped with its own Class 100 clean room, a collection of spinners and exposure stations, as well as an ultrasonic agitator and a megasonic agitator.

    • Electronics/175,50







      Custom Fabricated Plating Bench/600,300

      Electroplating Laboratory:

      The Electroplating Laboratory features custom PVDF tanks, a variety of function generators and electronic equipment. Metrology capabilities include a Profileometer, an X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectrometer, and microscopy inspection tools.

    • Vacuum Chuck/115,250

      Hyprez 16" CMP Wheel/350,300

      Custom Featuring/550,325

      Planarization Laboratory:

      The Planarization Laboratory houses an assortment of polishing wheels varying in metallic coating and subsequent degree of hardness, along with and array of polishing slurries featuring diamond bits ranging down to 1/10 of a micron.

Select a Lab:

Choose from the Lithography, Electroplating & Characterization, or Planarization labs.

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