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Lockheed Martin/UNM Mathematics and Science Teachers Academy for Professional Development

Fact Sheet

The Mathematics and Science Teachers Academy is a joint venture of Lockheed Martin Corp., the University of New Mexico and the State Department of Education. The Academy is designed to help acquaint elementary school teachers and administrators with the latest educational developments in the fast-changing fields of science and mathematics. It broadens the content knowledge of participating teachers and also familiarizes them with the teaching methods that attract and excite student interest in mathematics and science.

Lockheed Martin provided initial program funding of $1.2 million in May 1994. The State Department of Education granted another $35,000, and UNM provided inkind support such as teachers and classroom space. The Academy received an additional $225,000 from the State Legislature in July 1995 to ensure its existence beyond the initial five-year start-up period.

The Academy addresses two needs of elementary school teachers and administrators: First, it provides them with methods to integrate mathematics and science curricula using techniques that are appropriate for culturally diverse learners; second, it creates closely knit teams that will support each other during the school year through follow-up activities, meetings and classroom assistance.

The Academy's goals include, but are not limited to:

The first Summer Academy, with 40 elementary school teachers and administrators as participants, was held in July 1995 at UNM. The program consists each year of the three-week Summer Academy, followed by monthly seminars throughout the school year at which teachers and administrators continue to develop content and curriculum plans.

Future Summer Academies will be held during the summers of 1996-1999. Plans call for the Academy to expand its operations beyond UNM to other state-supported universities throughout New Mexico, including New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, New Mexico Highlands University in Las Vegas, Eastern New Mexico University in Portales, and Western New Mexico University in Silver City.

At the Summer Academies, teachers and administrators are updated on the latest content developments in science and mathematics. They also are introduced to effective ways of teaching subjects that many students consider dull. Participants visit high-tech employers to observe first hand how science and mathematics are applied in the workplace. The year-round workshops help develop mentoring skills so that Academy participants can better transfer their knowledge to other teachers in the schools where they work.

This is the fourth Mathematics and Science Teachers Academy that Lockheed Martin has helped to establish. The others were created in multicounty areas within the states of Tennessee, Maryland, and Florida. Hundreds of teachers and administrators have benefited from all four academies over the past several years. Lockheed Martin has contributed nearly $2 million to the academies. The Lockheed Martin/UNM Mathematics and Science Teacher Academy is unique in that it's the only academy designed to train teachers and administrators on a statewide basis.

Dr. Anne Madsen, a faculty member in UNM's College of Education is the Academy coordinator. A Project Content Advisory Board provides guidance and advice to Madsen and the lead faculty. Board members include mathematicians, scientists, math and science teachers, school administrators, a multicultural specialist, Academy graduates and representatives of the State Department of Education, Lockheed Martin, state universities and professional teacher organizations such as the American Federation of Teachers and National Education Association.

The Academy is closely aligned with the Systemic Initiative in Math and Science Education (SIMSE) a five-year, statewide program begun in 1992 that focuses on integrating science, mathematics and technology instruction in grades kindergarten through eighth. Funding for SIMSE comes from the National Science Foundation, State Department of Education, the Commission on Higher Education and Eisenhower funds.

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