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Microsystems Expo

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Fact Sheets

Cathodoluminescence Microanalysis and Characterization Facility (CMCF)
Center for Microelectronics Technologies
Chemiresistor Arrays
Compound Semiconductor Materials Growth
Electronics and Photonic Device Research
Fiber Optic Chemical Sensor
Fiber Optic Residue Polymer Sensor
Fringe Field Sensors
High Frequency Communications Systems Development
High Temperature Acoustic Wave Gas Sensors
Hydrogen Sensor
Integrated GaAs SAW Sensors
Integrated Microelectromechanical Systems
Integrated Microsystems
Ionizing Radiation Sensor
Magnetically-Excited Flexural Plate Wave Devices
Microelectronics Development Laboratory
Micromachined Combustible Gas Detector
Miniature Chemical Laboratories (ÁChemLab) Gas Phase System Dev.
Partnerships with U.S. S/C Equipment Suppliers
PAWS Systems
Quartz Crystal Microbalance Arrays
Rad Hard and Custom ICs
SAW Chemical Microsensor Arrays
Semiconductor Processing Science and Technology
Sensors for Electronics Packaging
Synthetic Spectra
Thickness Shear Mode Resonators

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