Partnership Opportunities

We routinely partner with other organizations to help transition our scientific discoveries and technologies to the marketplace. We also form collaborative research partnerships with industry, universities, and government agencies so that collectively, we can change the world for the better.

Discoveries: Medical Breakthroughs

Thank you for attending Sandia National Laboratories’ technology innovation event. Below is the agenda for the day and the presentations from each of the technology speakers. If you would like to learn more about these technologies and many others, contact us.

Medical Diagnostics

  • BaDx: credit card sized pathogen detector – Melissa Finley

  • RapiDx: rapid automated Point-of-Care system – Victoria VanderNoot

  • SpinDx: rapid, sensitive, multiplexed centrifugal biodetection lab-on-a-chip – Chung Koh


Therapeutics and Drug Delivery

  • Microneedles: wearable, noninvasive and pain-free diagnostic and delivery device with real-time readout – Ronen Polsky