Pulsed Power and Systems Validation Facility

The Pulsed Power and System Validation Technology Deployment Center offers access to unique equipment to support specialized research, along with the expertise to address complex problems dealing with radiation effects.

User Support

The knowledgeable staff brings a broad spectrum of experience in the design and setup of experiments. Emphasis is placed on optimizing the operation and results of the facility's large radiation sources in support of the following applications:

  • High explosive design and testing, including test range facilities and world-recognized expertise on specialized explosive applications
  • Electronics and materials research on the effects of radiation
  • Development and application of specialized radiation transport and electromagnetic computer codes (Integrated Tiger Series, Quicksilver, and others)
  • Investigating intense magnetic fields and their effects
  • Research on extremely high power levels (>200TW), high X-ray energy output (2.0 MJ) and high hohlraum temperature (>150eV)

The facilities' state-of-the-art equipment resources include:

  • EAL (Explosives Applications Lab), which includes test range facilities
  • Z X-ray source, world's most powerful pulsed power facility
  • Saturn X-ray and HERMES gamma-ray sources for large area, volume exposures
  • SPHINX X-ray source for small area exposures

Some of the facilities' past and ongoing research efforts are on the leading edge of pulsed power and system validation techniques:

  • Development of the largest, most powerful X-ray and y-ray sources in the world
  • Radiation transport and electromagnetic code design, development, and authorship
  • Design and test of explosively-driven valves for specialized applications; one such valve sealed a 48-inch diameter pipe in 30-ms