Defense Systems & Assessments

  • Accelerating Innovation for the Warfighter

    Accelerating Innovation into the Hands of the Warfighter
  • Supporting Ballistic Missile Defense

    Supporting Ballistic Missile Defense
  • Launching GPS Satellites

    Launch of GPS satellite

About Defense Systems & Assessments

Our engineering, science, and technology expertise supports soldiers on the battlefield.

About Us
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Scientists and engineers continually deliver results with significant impacts on national security.

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Delivering solutions for the nation’s toughest national security challenges

Defense Systems and Assessments supports the warfighter by accelerating the development of innovative systems, sensors, and technologies for the national security community.

Today’s threats to national security are diverse and multi-dimensional and include:

  • strategic competitors developing increasingly advanced military capabilities;
  • unstable powers seeking weapons of mass destruction;
  • terrorists and insurgents wielding deceptively simple improvised weapons; and
  • malicious hackers turning keyboards into instruments of cyberwar.

We provide technical solutions for global security by engineering and integrating advanced science and technology to help defend and protect the United States. Demands for reliable solutions to our country’s toughest technical challenges have never been greater.


We partner with the Department of Defense, other federal agencies, and highly qualified industry and university partners to accomplish our missions. Serious inquiries are welcome by contacting Jerry Langheim or the appropriate contact from our Technology Access page.

Cybersecurity Research

Technology advances make protecting the cyber realm an essential part of national security. Learn about Sandia's role on the Cybersecurity website.