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“I’m melting, melting” — coal waste diminished by harmless citric acid

A new method that extracts rare-earth metals from coal ash has many benefits. The metals are essential in production of computer chips, smart phones, fighter jets, submarines and other technology, and the process detoxifies the coal ash for reuse.

This device could usher in GPS-free navigation

Sandia scientists designed and built a handheld device that tracks navigational measurements. This technology could be a pivotal component of next-generation navigation systems.

NNSA leader Jill Hruby visits Sandia

Jill Hruby met with Labs Director James Peery and other leadership during her visit to Sandia on Oct. 7.

Sandia scientists provide technical assistance to American-Made Solar Prize finalist

Rocking Solar has developed a tracker for solar panels that weigh less, costs less and is lower risk than trackers widely used today. Sandia assisted the company by discussing improvements and considerations for the design.

Safety matters at Sandia Labs

The National Safety Council named Cynthia Rivera a Rising Star of Safety for her work as an Environment, Safety & Health coordinator at Sandia.

Sandia upgrades its benefit options

Employees and retirees are encouraged to take action during open enrollment.

Abilities Champions of New Mexico volunteer at Mandy’s Farm

Volunteers from Community Involvement and the Abilities Champions of New Mexico spent the day at Mandy’s Farm, an organization that helps individuals with disabilities.

Women @ Energy features Yuliya Preger

A Sandia chemical engineer has been recognized by DOE’s Women @ Energy: STEM Rising website, which honors women in STEM fields throughout the DOE complex.

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with cars, history and biscochitos

Sandia commemorated the month with a variety of virtual and socially distanced, in-person activities. Montenique Rodriguez shares her favorite recipe for blue corn biscochitos, a delicious addition to the holiday season.